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Crypto News

Meta Leans In to Tracking Your Emotions in the Metaverse

“These patent applications indicate that Meta has not learned its lesson, having been accused previously of storing users’ biometric data without permission,” Emma Taylor, a technology analyst at GlobalData, said in a statement, responding to the report. “It is likely that the same issues surrounding data privacy from existing social media platforms will be extended, […]

Crypto News

In the Metaverse, Gameplay Is What Matters

The second takeaway is that while community is enduring, it is gameplay that drives usage into the tens of millions. The biggest immersive digital experiences all have the same thing in common: they’re all games. From Minecraft to Roblox to Fortnite and quite a few others, the difference between having monthly average users in the […]

Crypto News

Land Prices Surge on Cardano Metaverse Project Pavia

The project comes at a time when virtual land plots are being sold for millions of dollars on virtual ecosystems, built on blockchains like Ethereum. The plots on pavia were listed for as high as 30,000 cardano (≈$45,600 at the time of writing) on the Cardano NFT marketplace CNFT.

Crypto News

Walmart Preparing a Metaverse Push, Trademark Filings Show

Apparently dominating retail competition in the real world isn’t enough for Walmart, which filed seven trademarks at the end of December that signal its plan to make and sell virtual goods in the metaverse as well. According to one of those filings, the big-box retailer also is exploring whether to offer users a cryptocurrency along […]

Crypto News

A Metaverse Network Built on aelf Blockchain

As Facebook changed its name to META, the world has seen a spiked interest in metaverse-concept GameFi projects, such as Decentraland, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Illuvium, and many more. The land of the concept has brought an infinitely broad market to the construction of blockchain infrastructure. At the same time, the public chain is bound to […]

Crypto News

Decentraland, Luxury Marketplace UNXD to Host Metaverse Fashion Week

Luxury marketplace UNXD, which is built on the Polygon network, and Decentraland, a virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, plan to offer a metaverse fashion week with catwalk shows, pop up shops and afterparties in March. The fashion program, Decentraland’s first, will take place March 24-27. The show will allow users to view […]

Crypto News

Consultants Are Entering the Metaverse – Literally

Animoca-owned metaverse The Sandbox is heralding the arrival of the suits: in this instance, consulting firm PwC Hong Kong. The Sandbox team said Thursday that the business consultancy bought some LAND, virtual real estate represented as a non-fungible token (NFT). A PwC Hong Kong representative wouldn’t specify which plot it bought or for how much. […]