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Crypto News

Twitter Launches NFT Profile Picture Verification

Sure, you might “own” that cartoon monkey in your profile picture, in the sense that the token is affixed to your Ethereum address on an immutable, append-only ledger – but what’s stopping me from just right-clicking the image and setting it as my profile picture, too?

Crypto News

Damien Hirst Launches Chainlink Price Index for NFT Project

When Hirst – the British artist best known for wildly expensive works involving taxidermied sharks and diamond-studded skulls – released “The Currency” last year, the project took most of its cues from other popular NFT collections. Like CryptoPunks or the Bored Ape Yacht Club, “The Currency” consists of 10,000 images with slight variations. And as […]

Crypto News

Mechanism Capital Launches $100M ‘Play-to-Earn’ Gaming Fund

“Right now it’s called play-to-earn, but I think there’s a big push among industry participants to try to rebrand to play-and-earn,” Marc Weinstein, head of platforms at Mechanism Capital, told CoinDesk in an interview. “We want to back games that people want to play regardless of the crypto incentives.”

Crypto News

Parler Launches ‘Trump Legacy’ NFT Collection

“[McNaughton’s] acclaimed style, creative message, and digital delivery align perfectly with Parler’s goal to move squarely into Web 3 technologies and partnerships that further our commitment to freedom of expression,” said Parler CEO George Farmer in a statement.

Crypto News

Uniswap Launches on Polygon Driving MATIC to All-Time Highs

Popular decentralized exchange Uniswap and Ethereum scaling solution Polygon announced that all Uniswap V3 contracts are officially deployed to the Polygon mainnet on Wednesday, a few days after UNI holders voted to pass a governance proposal to do so. Amid the latest development, prices of MATIC and UNI were both in the green, with MATIC, […]