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Crypto News

The Federal Reserve Shares Its Thinking About a US CBDC

For more than a year, the Federal Reserve has been talking about a forthcoming paper on central bank digital currencies in the U.S. Now that the paper has finally been released, NLW walks us step by step through the Fed’s thinking and shares the initial commentary from the crypto community and Washington, D.C.

Crypto News

Bank of America Says UK CBDC Would Be More Than a Digital Form of Cash

Given that consumers hold only small amounts in cash, there would be greater convenience in switching a current account into Britcoins, BoA said. That could be an area of concern for commercial banks. Checking accounts, or current accounts as they are called in the U.K., are the lifeblood of commercial banks’ business models, providing them […]

Crypto News

House of Lords Committee Sees ‘No Convincing Case’ for UK CBDC

The Bank of England, in common with central banks of almost every other major economy across the world, is exploring a potential CBDC as a means of addressing the decline in the use of cash, expediting the implementation of monetary policy and future-proofing fiat currencies from the rise in use of privately issued digital currencies. […]

Crypto News

India’s Central Bank Recommends Country Implement Basic Version of CBDC

In a major step away from the RBI’s stance in the past towards anything cryptocurrency-related, the report says “In its basic form, a central bank digital currency (CBDC), provides a safe, robust, and convenient alternative to physical cash. In comparison with existing forms of money, it can offer benefits to users in terms of liquidity, […]

Crypto News

Thai Central Bank to Delay CBDC Test Till Late 2022: Report

The Bank of Thailand will delay its test of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) from the second quarter to late next year, Reuters reported Friday. The retail CBDC will be tested as an alternative payment method for “cash-like activities within a limited scale,” the bank’s Assistant Governor Vachira Arromdee said in August. Thailand will […]

Crypto News

Kazakhstan Piloting a CBDC on R3′s Corda Platform

The 99-page document examined the CBDC pilot, which launched in May and involves two of the country’s larger commercial banks, Kaspi Bank JSC and Eurasian Bank JSC. The report, the second produced this year on a possible tenge, considered CBDC use cases and potential monetary and financial impacts, among other issues.

Crypto News

French Central Bank Completes First Stage of Its CBDC Experiments

The Banque de France said it completed the first stage of its experiments into a wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC) and plans to move on to the next phase, focusing on cross-border payments. France’s central bank has been exploring the use of a CBDC for the exchange of money between financial institutions since March […]

Crypto News

Tanzania Plans to Launch CBDC After eNaira Launch: Report

Tanzania is preparing to launch a digital form of its local currency, the Tanzanian shilling, the governor of the Bank of Tanzania said, according to a Bloomberg report. The country will follow in Nigeria’s footsteps and launch its own digital currency, Florens Luoga, announced last Thursday. Nigeria launched its eNaira in October this year, making […]